Our Profile
Wavah Water Limited was incorporated on 11th June 2003. Wavah Water Limited is the brain child of Prof. Gordon Wavamunno who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The other shareholders and directors of the company are Morine Wavamunno and Joe Kayima Wavamunno.
Wavah Water Limited is registered to carry on water bottling business under the brand name ‘Wavah Water’. We mainly deal in water extraction and exploration, water processing and purification as well as sale, marketing and distribution of safe bottled drinking water which includes but not limited to imports and exports and other related business in Uganda and East African countries in general. Wavah Water is distributed through company appointed agents as well as the company’s own distribution network.
Actual production of safe bottled drinking water began in 2007. Since then we have gone on to become a market leader, being the second most popular bottler of safe drinking water in Uganda. Our core business is bottling and selling safe bottled drinking water in this country, the East African region and into the Diaspora and we have had a tremendous success rate.

To be the regional leader and preferred supplier of safe, pure and popular drinking water to our customers.
To sensitize the public about drinking safe bottled water, improve and maintain a reputable brand image,
increase our client base and market share evidently, create a vibrant and professional marketing team through training as well as generate
revenue and significant growth and expansion.
Core Values
Our core values include;
  • honesty
  • integrity, and customer service
  • mutual trust
  • respect and teamwork/collective participation

Wavah Water Corporate Social Responsibility and Values
Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the Wavah water family. Since our inception we have always believed in being able to give back to the community and so we donate water on various occasions. Our most memorable donations included: - the Bududa victims, International Wood Ball Federation Championship, Kasubi tombs, the Youth Convention and Kawempe Home Care among others. We try as much as possible to perform all our responsibilities with Integrity, Professionalism, Commitment to the cause, Reliance, Faithfulness, Honesty and above all being accountable for all our actions.