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Water Source
The manufacturing plant is located at Nakwero, Kiwale zone, Gayaza. At approximately 25km out of town, and our water comes from a safe non polluted environment making it the most safe and pure natural mineral water on the market. Wavah water is treated under strict observance of the recommended standards and as such we fully comply with the UNBS quality requirements hence the UNBS logo as evidence of conformity.
The mineral water on the other hand also goes through rigorous full treatment using the most modern technology and still retains its natural taste. Packaging is done in high grammage bottles which are easy to hold and do not break easily.
Wavah water is treated under strict observance of the recommended standards and as such we are fully compliant and approved by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards hence the UNBS logo as evidence of compliance.

Products and Services
  • Wavah water is a safe bottled beverage which is produced and presented in two brands. We bottle mineral water and sparkling water which is conveniently packed in different sizes, different pricing which provides a wide range of options to the consumer. These include Mineral water 300ml x 24, 500ml x24, 1500ml x12 and 18.5 litre (Jumbo) while Sparkling water comes in 500ml x12.
  • We supply dispenser drinking water with 18.5 l bottle that can be used in your home and office premises.
  • In addition to the above, we offer customized water for a series of direct clients where we have their names labelled on the bottle for example Kampala Serena Hotel, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda Revenue Authority, Mayfair/Fortuna Limited, Shangri La Hotel, Guvnor, Liquid Silk, Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, Colline Hotel, Kampala Club, Hotel Triangle, Hotel Africana Ltd, Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Cafesserie, Eureka Place Suites and Hotel, MM Pub Kabuusu among others. This service is also extended to private individuals who wish to drink Wavah water on their special occasions. We do deliver to some of our esteemed clients upon order.
  • Our Sparkling water is a pioneer in the market as we are the only bottler of its kind in the country. It has a refreshing and invites a taste making it a highly sought product.
Why should I drink sparkling water;
  • Refreshes your oxygen intake especially after doing any form of sport.
  • Helps clients that are diabetic.
  • Treats hangover after a long night of alcohol.
  • Helps with digestion after food or people disturbed with bloating / gas in the stomach.

Mineral Water

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